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Was he asking if I was gay?

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Hi. I'm a gay person, who is living a straight life. I work with a younger man, who I really get along with. I've had a feeling for some time now that he may also be gay, but we're both too shy and probably embarrassed to ask each other! We work with some very homophobic colleagues too.


Last night, he offered me a ride back from a stag do, but I already had an offer of a ride, so I said no. I later texted him, saying "You're a good man." He replied saying "You might be fantastic, but you might just be good. " I replied "I'd rather be the former ;-)" He then said "You probably are" I then said "So are you......Well, probably;-)" he replied with "Agreed


Do you think he was asking me if I was gay. I kind of think so, but maybe I'm dreaming it because I want it to be true!


Thank you.

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It was def. Flirtatious. I don't think he was asking you if he was gay but he was def flirting. I believe straight guys can be flirtatious with one another just messing around without being gay or bi curious. I would just see how this progresses and if you both continue this flirtatious behavior just ask him out right if he's gay bi etc. Just be like so are you just messing with Me or what. Your not gunna know if u don't ask or pursue it

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