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Last week I went out to the bar with my fwb. I didn't see him for almost three months. I was a little anxious so we decided to have a couple drinks to loosen up he was being very nice with me he was always nice ever since we met. Reason why we stopped talking for three months though was because he was seeing someone else and me at the same time so we could no longer see each other. After all that happened I found him on instagram and decided to follow him he never added me so I just decided to leave it as that. Two days after at two in the morning he decides to add me on Snapchat I decided to talk to him so we talked and we both agreed to hanging out so we did and we had a couple of drinks we were dancing all night and he was kissing me in the dance floor it was great! He asked me if I wanted to go to his place and I said yeah I was already a little drunk and we hooked up the sex was amazing he made me orgasm twice but... I didn't let him orgasm cause I was drunk and I wanted to sleep he said it was gonna be quick but I didn't let him and he even took me home I told him I was sorry and asked if he was mad he said he was more than mad. He took me home and three days later he blocked me. Do you guy think I should apologize or just leave it as it is?

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