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Feeling confused after ex gets back in touch

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I posted on here last week about my ex playing mind games. He has now reappeared by coming to talk to me at a recent football game.


I won't go on about the little details but I am confused as to his motives. At the time I didn't know what to think and was speechless, but after about 5 mins were talking about what's been happening in his life. We couldn't however talk about our break up as my daughter was sat next to us.


I told him not to be a stranger, I'm not invisible, I'm glad he's finally taken the courage to come and talk to me...I have him stuff to think about. I also said I have so many questions for him and his reply was " well you cant always have the answers to some of them" and that we can't talk with my daughter around.


He asked if we were going to the next game this Saturday, which we are. After another 10 mins he left.


At first I thought well okay, he's taken a big step to come and talk to me. After 3 months of ignoring my efforts to get in touch. I told myself to let it be and see what this week and Saturday brings. However yesterday I felt like I was going out of my mind!! I'm an impatient person, especially when things are bothering me and starting to affect me, and I was very close to getting in touch with him to see what all that was about. Does he want me back in his life, was he just being polite, you know the normal questions!!


I don't know what to do for the best, do I get in touch and push him for an answer an risk pushing him away and ruining any more reconciliation? Or do I leave it and see what Saturday brings.


I'm feeling a little lost and confused

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May I say that I Think you should let him do more coming to you? I think that he should be the one to initiate reconciliation if that is in the cards for you. Don't let him play any games ;v;


He did just that today after my first message, he came by work. We talked briefly about what's gone on, he was basically given an ultimatum by his daughter, her or me. I questioned whether this was the real reason or whether he just decided he didn't want to be with me. He said it was and I was lucky he was talking to me as if she found out she'd be fuming.


Bits were said but then I had to get back to work, so I text him asking if we could meet he said no. I was confused by this as he'd said one day we will about 10 mins prior! He said we could be 'distanced friends' if that's even a thing.


I'm still confused, I asked him when we spoke if there was any hope for us, he said he didn't know, maybe further down the line.


I just don't get it, why make the effort to come and talk to me twice in a row but then push me away when I try and do the same??


He's ignoring my texts again now and I'm starting to think he is playing games and it's all got to be on his terms.


This is a mess and I'm starting to lose interest, I'm tired of fighting for his attention

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