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3 months and i cant heal...

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Me and my ex split up after living together for a short period of time i still continue hanging on to the words she said before i was basically forced by friends and family to move out without attemting to fix things. Because in their eyes i already tried fixing enough. Broke down several weeks later after anxiety hit an all time high and text her. She didnt want to necessarily meet up but wanted me to express my feelings and i just felt i couldnt because several weeks after i split i seen her out with an ex bf of hers while i was riding my motorcycle it ripped my heart to shreads, made me feel like it was going to happen from the start which was almost a year and a half. I cant stop stressing on the small words i hang onto and what if's she was difficult but kept me in line. Basically im struggling with breaking no contact we are both very local and go to a lot of the same places and know the same people it is always heavy on my mind. For all i know she could already be established with her ex or someone else who knows. Nothing is helping sleeping around or drinking or going to church. Help!

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I'm sorry about your pain, this pain is like a knife stabbing in your heart, blood is dripping with non stop. Absolutely awful Breakup is horrible, healing takes time. 3 months aren't shot for you going through this kind of pain, especially NC is nearly impossible to implement. Wish I had a magic wand. In reality, I'm going through the healing process too, nearly 4 months now.


I found the following things have been useful. Reading relationship and relevant information online, receiving overwhelming advice from this site, doing lots of exercises, increased contact with family and friends, in short staying busy. I have to say, some days are better and I felt I was healed completely. Some days I felt hurt and did drunk call. You'll get better, slowly but surely, with fluctuation of moods. My thoughts are out with you.

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Its just terrible literally a month prior she was talking having children. She blamed it on my drinking and saying i did nothing around the house when in fact i felt like i did more around the house and i calmed my drinking i know family had to notice when she would drink at family dinners and i wouldnt. I felt controlled and started to like it now i cannot break free from regret. I was infatuated with her beauty but her soul seemed evil. I felt as she used her own daughter as a tool against me and others.

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Our situations are pretty similar, go ahead and read my story.


My ex-fiance moved out 3 months ago and has been very cruel ever since.

Apparently last month she found a new BF, we dated for 5yrs.


I also keep wishing that she will eventually reach out to me, but I haven't heard a peep since she moved out and acted so heartless.


The best thing you can do is just to go completely NC. Block her on every possible communication avenue, maybe except for calling/texting. If she REALLY needs to get a hold of you, she'll find a way.

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