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After my horrible experience with the last guy,

I didn't get the closure I wanted but I did have enough "sense" to leave the guy alone.

From the last time I saw him, it was horrible. It was horrible enough for me back to my "insensitive" ways and say screw it. You wont hear from me. Losing our child put a huge toll on me and I was just so sensitive over him. But Since then, I opened up to dating again. I'm not sure if it's too fast for me to do that. But if he could, why can't I? I'm getting the attention I want and now I'm more consistent. Guys don't like when girls don't reply and they want the attention, consistency. That's where I messed up. I let the guy I once wanted walk away from me doing that. He was looking for a relationship in me, but after me being the same. He ran back to his ex. Which is fine! I'm actually reading my old posts and can't believe how dumb I was. He made me feel as if I wasn't good enough. When in fact, I'm just 23, in my own house, new truck, great job and i'm in almost finished with college to become a nurse. And yet, I felt I wasn't good enough for him because of the way he acted towards me and the things he said. But then I opened up to those guys that wanted a chance with me but I never gave it to them because of this guy. Whether if we were official or not, I was always loyal. But for what, right? He wasn't even worth it. Anyway, this is just a update. I'm much more relieved, a huge weight fell off my chest. and I could finally move on. At work, I get so busy and yet he pops up in my head time to time. I know he thought I was going to keep coming around, well.... not to sound full of myself, but he forgot he was once one of those guys that were in line. Anyway, thanks to those that gave me advice, it truly helped me. Much Love, Stuckonstupid.

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