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help me please!

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well as most of you know I just got out of a bad marriage, I am now seeing this guy now and I really like him and we have only been going out for 6 days now and we are alridy saying that we love eachother and that we want to be with each other and he brong up the topic of marriage. I really love him but I am only 16 and I have alridy been in that boat once I want to wait a while and I told him that and he totally understands me. Today we got into this disagreement about where he is going to work this summer and he wants to be on the road and I dont want him to. He told me that he'll be home on the weekends, but he'll be gone during the weekdays and I dont want him to! I told him that and that we never get anytime to talk to eachother or spend time with eachother eather. He promised me that this summer is just for us and that he didnt want to be gone away from me long! well 5 days is long! I love him and I want both of us to have enough money and shit like that to get on our own soon. please some one help-cayla

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You need to let your b/f do what he wants and feels he needs to do...he wants to work to give you a better life...Which tells me he takes you and his future into heavy consideration...he cares about you..thats why he wants this.


You should work to, or maybe help him with the emotional side of bein' away from you 5 days a week..he misses you too you know?

He loves you and on the weekends he will be home to spend all the time you want with him. It's not all that bad.


I'm in the coast guard, in california, and she is in hawaii..you know it's hard for me to except that right?...but i do..cuz I know we love each other very much and that we trust each other. We believe everything will be fine..and it has been for 11 months.


You don't have it as bad..at least you can see him every weekend...I see mine every 4 months at th least.


Everything will be fine between you 2 as long as you both love each other and trust in one another. Try to get over the fact that you want him to be around you more...sometimes we need to sacrifice things, like spending time with our lover to do something else that is just important..makin' a livin' for us both...right...

It'll be alright..your still young...it's common for you to take the idea of bein' away from your b'f for 5 days so strongly...it's teenage love..what else can I call it?


Peace B

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