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I have this ex boyfriend of mine, and well he and I have a rough past. We dated on and off for about two years, and now he is dating one of my old friends. She became an old friend due to him. Hes a good guy and all and it hurt when he dumped me and told me that we couldn't be together but I got over it. I am now with this guy who is amazing and i care about him a lot. But I still would like to be friends with my ex but he doesn't want taht. HE says that it would nto be fair to his current girlfriend but in a way its not fair to me. He was the first guy that I ever fell in love with and he wants nothing to do with me and that hurts. I know that I have a new boyfriend and all but is it wrong to be hurt by that?

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OF course its not bad to feel this way. He was your first love, and even though u have a new boyfriend, there is and always will be a special place for him in ur heart. Tell him EXACTLY how u feel, and if he doesnt accept thim, u may have to try again or just except that hes not going to change. GL

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