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Great orgasm with a full bladder

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Hi all!

I vary rarely orgasm but remember reading somewhere that having a very full bladder during sex can help to give you great orgasms (haven't got a clue why - any ideas???). I know it's dangerous to regularly hold your pee for long periods with a risk of kidney infections, but I tried it yesterday with my boyfriend (I somehow avoided the bathroom for a full 7 hours!) and have to say I had the most unbelievable multiple orgasm, probably the best I've ever had.


Only problem was, I was obviously absolutely bursting afterwards but physically couldn't wee for a good five or ten minutes (anyone know why???).


I can't recommend it enough - I've tried it all.... herbal remedies, sex aids, you name it, but the humble full bladder could be the answer to every woman's prayers!

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hey, whatever make you happy, and whatever gives you the best orgasm. i wouldnt recomend doing it TOO often though, because of kidney infections. i can say though, if you drink alot of cranberry juice then it will kill any bacteria that could be festing in your bladder durring and sfter the sex.

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yes i have been experiencing this for a long time, and if possible i try to not have an empty bladder during sex. orgasms are definitely muchmore intense. i believe it is because the volume of the bladder puts more pressure inside on the g-spot area. i also find pressing down on my abdomen with one hand (if i have one hand spare at the time lol) also intensifies orgasm. not being able to wee straight after is usually i believe from the inner muscles still contracted for a small while after the climax. happy orgasming

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I have the same problem you have though it isn't with orgasming, i am 14 years of age and i was born with a bladder problem wthat if i doun't drink two or more gallons of water each and everyday. i get very sick, if you don't drink water you pee crystalizes and it forms a block and feels like you have to pee but you can't the crystalization, dreink lots of water, plus this will make you have a full bladder!!!!!! i hope this helps !!!!

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