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Commenting your boss! Urgen!

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My boss asked for my comments on him about his work and managment style etc. Not sure what to write. I don't want to give neutral comments cos it doesn't sound sincere... Too much flattering comments also sound immature or like an idiot.


I need to reply by today! Would greatly appreciated if anyone can give me some advises or quotes.

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Hi Pal,

U have to know what kind of person he/she is.


Is she/he someone who values recognition?

Is she/he someone who values competition?

Is she/he someone who values appreciation?

is she/he someone who values opportunity to grow?

Is she/he someone who values challenges?

Is she/he someone who loves to be in control of things?


I can say u need to tell her how u feel frankly, but i think u need to access some of the questions above, coz some boss have some character stated above, and would most likely cultivate a management near to his flavour. I repeat again favour.


Try by all course, smile while u talk and crave ur words to words he/she would want to listen.


If u cant do it, smile also, and say u dun know much abt management. Bosses prefer humble people than proud ones..


Thanks for reading..

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I'm not quite sure what kind of person he is cos he've been here for around 2 months only. I think he wants a review and you know newbies are always aggressive in the first few months! That's why its so difficult. I don't want my axx on the line!

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Here's one way to deal with it: Think about how you WANT him to behave, and write about those things. Mix the positives with the negatives, like: "Mr. Boss never fails to give compliments for a job well done, and I find that very encouraging and motivating. Sometimes, however, I find him a bit unclear about when the work should be done, and that has caused some necessary confusion. I think we could work even better together if he stated the deadline for when he wants something done."


P.S. Oh, just read your post. Well, since he's only been there 2 months, I'm sure he's interested in seeing how people are taking to him and wanting to know what their expectations are and what he could do differently. (Or if people are having problems with him.)

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It is a small company or a big one?


If it is a large company, with several "bosses" does everyone have to review their superior?


I'd be more inclined to say..."in that I have only been employed with (x company) for two months I really can't comment on management style, as I haven't had a lot of time to get a true impression, however I do enjoy working here and find it a pleasant environment"

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K8tie, that's exactly what I think - what he could do differently and what people think about him. Donno.... I'd look forward to true comments rather than some general advises if I was him.


He've been open to all suggestions so far and probably would accept negative comments. The one Ticklebug suggested is safe in all sense. I will use that THANKS!

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