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not invited to family christmas

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hi, I wasn't really sure where to post this topic. But my dad totally blew me off for christmas this year and I'm feeling really hurt. I called him a few times before christmas and he just kept telling me he was really busy until I just finally gave up on calling him. My family spent christmas at my sisters without me. So I'm wondering what did I do wrong here? I'm very hurt by all this.

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Huh? Something's not right here. Everyone spent christmas at your sister's place but you?


So what has been happening lately? Have you been arguing with your family a lot lately, or have you been rude and mean to your sisters or something? If your family never blew you off before, you must have done something to offend them.


Phone your sisters and ask them what happened. They will be more likely to tell you than your dad by the sounds of it. Whatever it is, apologize for it and spend New Year's eve with them!

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Hi bud,


then give them a call and tell them you were hoping that you'd get to spend Christmas with them this year and it hurt your feelings that you weren't invited. i would call and talk to your family and ask them what they are doing for new year's eve. i am so sorry. that must be so hurtful for you. i would be really upset = (


Talking can work wonders. Perhaps they thought you already had plans?

Why not call up your sisters and find out what the deal is? don't sit around wondering what happened. Call and find out!

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I'm so sorry you're hurting like that. Even if you were rude, you didn't deserve that.


I saw my mom Christmas Eve but she spent Christmas Day with her fiance and his son, and she didn't even call my brother and I. I spend Christmas Day caring for my brother, who has pneumonia. My mom didn't even bother to call us...


Hurts like hell. I have no advice, only understanding.

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you said over the past 10 years you haven't really participated in family things...did you make an effort to let everyone know that you wanted to be a part of things this year or did you assume they would just ask anyway...even if in years past any invitation has been declined?


If anything, they just weren't expecting you to come, like all the other years...don't think it is a matter of you doing anything "wrong".

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