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is this impossible?


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This is a weird one...but I've found this forum such a godsend that I need to give it a try!


Anyway - since awful relationship ended two months ago I've been going out, having a great time... Now, there's this man that I've liked for years. And last week I was in a situation where I was able to chat with him, though not a great deal. I think I will be again (in a big club) on New Year's Eve.


Trouble is, I'm shy, and rubbish at this sort of thing. Bigger trouble is, he's famous, and knows I am a fan. But I'm a bit older than the other ones (I'm near his age) who are likely to be around and not as fawning. This man is very very approachable to his fans, especially online. I get the impression he is very shy indeed and is trying to get over stuff that happened before. He doesn't drink. What do I do? Do I have a chance?


I never ever get asked out properly - not by men anyway! I often get told I'm beautiful, intelligent and funny, but men never ask me out. I've been told I'm quite intimidating. I always seem to fall for men who are quite ugly, can't believe I'm going out with them and end up treating me incredibly badly.



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What do I do? Do I have a chance?


if you have a chance or not is somehing no one can answer really, you've only talked to him briefly...


New years Eve is going to be a hard night to have much of a conversation more than likely...


if you were able to summons up the courage to talk to him once already, you can do it again...but use NYE as an excuse to say...hey, it's awfully loud/crowded/pick your excuse/ in here, give him your number and tell him that you'd love the chance to talk to you again like you did (where ever it was you were the last time) and then se what happens from there

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Sounds like you need more confidence in yourself. If men tell you that you're beautiful, intelligent, and funny then you probably are!


Here are some flirting tips:

1. Make eye contact when you talk

2. SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE...laugh...SMILE at him, his friends, everyone.

3. Try to find an excuse to touch him...not inappropriately, but just tough his arm gently.


If he's into you, you'll know it.

Good luck sweetie and be confident in yourself!

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