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Just a kissing curiosity question

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Ok, heres the question, what do girls do to show they want to be kissed, how do you know when you should do it. examples of anything would be good, like having a conversation, what happens with the eyes and stuff, they do they get closer and look at your lips or your eyes etc...., Any input appreciated.

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There really isn't a certain way to tell. I mean, some girls don't give any hints, while some will just make the first move and kiss you.


Depending on how shy she is, she might not show any signs. I think that you should just wait for the right moment. Whenever you feel that it would bea good time, she will probably think so too.


Some things you could look for, but you have to realize might not happen with every girl and it might not always mean she wants you to kiss her, is eye contact, or maybe you both go silent and are just staring at each other.

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sometimes the girl will lean their head in towords yours, thats what i do.

but sometimes they will go for it, and just kiss you, IF your breath smells fresh

and sometimes they will will be near you and they will be cuddling. cuddling is the best time for a kiss.


sometimes you cant tell and its best just to kiss her, no matter whats goin on.

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ok im kinda in the same boat as u! i want my b.f. to kiss me but he wont...ive tried everything! what i do is stare into his eyes and snuggle up against him and get really really close to him but he doesnt notice....if she starts doin that kinsa stuff just go for it (wish mine would!).... i wouldnt ask her tho i would take that as really odd just stare into her eyes and get closer to her lips and kiss her!

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nope theres usually not a sign they do it usually just kinda happens and if there is a sign then ull notice it about one second before u are embraced so it doesnt matter at that point dont worry about it but an easy way to get them to tell u is by play flirting girls find it cute and a smart guy would find it as a way to get info such as this like at the right time of course ask something like ...what would u do if i kissed u in a playful manor she replies well id prolly kiss ya back then say something like o really and smile and move in if she says she doesnt know then say something like can we find out? and see what she says there theres usually a sure answer in there if u know how to translate the girl talk which is hard to do but all in all its hard to tell from a ways out

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