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on christmas eve i got the strangest phone call... while the phone got picked up by my mother she said hello about 5 times and after the first hello, someone started playing music, but it wasn't by a radio or anything they were literally playing music next to the phone.. it was a christmas song and i can bet my life on it that it was my ex.. his life is music...and i was the one who gave him that keyboard and at the end of the song you could hear this wooden whistle thing going along with the song, and i remember buyin that with him.. but if he's comfortable enough calling my house and to play music over the phone, why the heck can't he just say hey, merry christmas at least? why does he have to be anoyumous?


anyway, on christmas i texted him a happy holidays and he texted me back with "merry christmas (myname)". im tryin to figure out what his motives are .. it's like hes scared or something?

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well, he assumes you know his motive apparently...and he expects you to now make the next move...


playing music over the phone like that sounds like a try to win her back manuever to be honest. As if it will get you all sentimental for the old times and want him back...


now what he is hoping for is a call from you saying how much you miss and love him...

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it's so mind boggling, because i miss him insanely and i love him, i just don't want to pressure him or look too needy thats why i just texted him a "happy holidays" today... like i don't want him to think i hate him or im not interested but yet he's the one who broke up with me in july, i think he should be doing the work!


ps. thanks for the advice you've been giving

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it wasn't annonymous to him....nor really to you actually...you recognized who it was from pretty much immediately...that was what he was going for...


like most things of this nature...how you reacted to it isn't probably what he intended you to do...he probably expected you to call immediately after and comment on it...

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Hi Pal,

Yes, u are leaving the work to him, to let him decide what to do. U need not be needy, u need not act aloof. When u text him that, u are not being needy, u nebber state in ur msg or hinted him in the msg, that u beg him to be back with u.


Dun u text ur friend this way? Go and recall how u text a friend, if ur best friend played music to ur ears via the fone. The msg shld sound friendly and CASUAL. i believe u can do that.

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my mom thinks i did the wrong thing by texting him back, cuz since the music playin was "anyomous" its like he doesnt wanna be known or something and that by me askin him if it happened to be him, that im pressuring him or corninering him ..blahblah


its like i dont even why i care about this guy anymore, seriously. its stressful.

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you know what hot...


if his playing that song for you didn't excite you and make you happy and really is only becoming a source of tension for you....you really don't want this guy back like you thought you did. You are farther over it than you thought.


So, I suggest you just let it go...don't obsess over it anymore...if he does call/text you an answer just let him know exactly what you thought...that when it came right down to it..it wa a bit creepy to you and you would prefer he didn't do that anymore. That you hope he has a nice new years/life and let it go from there.

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