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is this normal?

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is it normal to have a hard time getting an errection when your with with your g/f/. I am very attracted to my g/f and i can get erect easly when im alone but when were making out on top of each other i just can't get an errection. I am trying to get over the fear that she woudn't like it cause i think thats what blocking me but i still can't one. i don't want her to think im not attracted to her. can anybody help me?

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I'm going to assume (hoping) at the age of 15 you aren't actually having sex...just feel that having an erection around her will make her feel wanted...


confuzed, at your age, you are only just starting to become sexually mature, so your body isnt going to react to stimulating events the same all the time. Not to mention, not being able to have an erection around her clearly shows you aren't ready to have sex yet...and in time, when your body and mind mature more...that time will come. Don't rush it.


Having an erection around a girl is not the only way to show you are attracted to them.

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