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Does she mean it!?

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My best friend, i think, has been joking with me for along time...

like friends do but i'm starting to think she is being mean also!

She says stuff like.... poor you, so lonely.. lol? Not funny! She just says stuff that has a mean meaning.. you know..

all i would like to know is does anyone else have a friend like this?

And how do i tell her to stop?

She really hurts my feelings.. any advice.. thanks!!

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some people just don't know when they cross the line from "funny" to sarcastic...and the only way to let them know is to be direct about it...


right as they say something that hurts, you let them know...hey, I didn't appreciate that...friends don't talk to each other that way.


If she doesn't respect the fact she is hurting you, then she isn't much of a friend.

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i agree with ticklebug. almost everyone has encountered those kind of friend. tell them when u feel offended. if u feel uncomfortable around ur friends, then what's the point of having her as a friends? friends r not supposed to do that to each other. tell her how u feel, and mayeb she will realize it. if she doesn't, then hang out with ppl u feel comfortable with

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