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ever been to a pshycic?

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has anyone here ever felt curious about their future and decided to see a psychic? what is the experience like and did it change ur life? i am very curious about going, although i wouldnt like to know everything about my furture in a way that i would know what to expect,but i would like to know that things will turn out ok in the next year or so,,is this a good idea? what are peoples experiences

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I dremt about seeing a psychic and she told me that what she sees is only based on what your thinking now. Everything you think manifests so if you worried about something so much it manifests she would see that, but if you stay postive and think of something else the situation would change.

I think that would be true. I guess they could predict things that you have pre choosen before this life, like who you will marry?

I've had a psychic reading on the internet and she got alot of things right

The thing is, do you want to know your future? If you did you might only worry more about situations that haven't arised yet and just feed the negative energy.

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I have had a couple online readings...they have been surprisingly accurate. I went to them about insight into my past relationship...they were very on about his personality, my personality and what they expected to happen as well. I would probably have it done again.


Just keep in mind what they tell you is not set in stone, we still have free will and capacity to change..they just observe the trends and the future at that point in time. They can also make recommendations to you.


I would not spend a lot of money on them but you can try it out. Just make sure to find a reputable one through reviews, etc. If you PM me I can send you a link to a good site that has reviews of several online psychics which I have found to be honest

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psychics are so much fun. the best thing to keep in mind is don't go in expecting anything, and that way the reading will go a lot smoother and you'll have a healthier outlook on your future. make sure to call around and do your shopping. see who has the fairest rates and how long each session is. are they walk-ins or do you have to make an appointment? generally i don't trust places where i HAVE to make an appointment, but that's just me. it's known that some psychics will tell you a bunch of hogwash just so that you keep coming back, like telling you about a death in the family and how only you can prevent it or something like that. so always go with your gut feeling too, about who feels right and what they have to offer. long before i went to one i had asked people and phoned and so on. and when i went it all the more fun, because there was trust there. i got a palm reading and a card reading, telling me things that would happen in my life over the course of the coming six months. nothing really came true of the card reading, but the palm reading was so true it was scary. and if none of this works, you could always take up card reading for yourself.


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