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my best friend!

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i have a problem, im falling in love with my best friend. i have known him all my life and i love him more than anything and i would do anything for him. he has always been there for me and he tells me everything. but his parents are in a really bad divorse and he is going through alot right now. he's starting to hang out with the wrong crowd, hes now getting poor grades, and hes taking part in drugs! its not him, he would usually never do something like this and i dont know whats wrong with him! i want to help him but he doesnt like talking to me anymore and he says that hes not my friend anymore! i feel so hurt and broken up inside. i feel like no one is here for me anymore and i feel like i have no one to help me. what should i do? who should i talk to? he needs help and i need to do something to make him stop getting involved in bad situations! i love him more than anything and i need any advice i can get. i sent soo many of these emails to so many different websites because i need help.

Thank you,


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truly i feel you can't do a whole lot to better the situation...tell him how you feel though in some way...maybe an email or letter so you can perfect it....u might just have to let him figure things out....but maybe you will try my method...good luck

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I had almost this same situation happen to me except we were best friends for 2 years then we hooked up for about 2 months then went back to best friend and after 4 month he start treating me like Shit. I cried and talked to him he just kept pushing me away. Finally I had to let him go. I still miss him to this day and its been 2 years since he told me to leave him the *** alone.

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