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I'm a 16 yr old girl and (I'm not just blowing my own horn here) I'm incredibly mature.

Only child , grew up with adults, work with adults and my current job doesn't know that I'm under 18 (you have to be over 18 to to work there)

In fact, I'm a helluva lot more mature then most of my work mates.

My best mate is 25 and we get along so well.

My mum is totally cool with me dating someone older then me but I just want to know generally what do guys think of it?

I wouldn't date anyone older then 25 but how would I approach the guy when I tell him how old I was?

Do you think it's wrong?

Would they pressure me to have sex?

I feel a little confused but I'm so attracted to a couple of guys at work


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Im an older guy and my ex was younger..by about 5 years.my story is a little weird though.i met my ex offline and i was originally told a false age.but i fell in love with her before i found out her real age so it didnt really mean anything but a number at the time..this came to be the end of our relationship not because of us but between my age and her age that her parents didnt like.your lucky that your mom approves of you dating older guys.i sure wish my ex's parents would cuz id be a happy guy again and with my ex.im not saying lie to this guy about your age to get him to accept of you.but it may work..i was hurt trmendously at the time..but to be honest if i would have known her real age from the start i prolly never woulda gave her the chance and never known the girl i first truly loved and spent 2 years of my life with.and hopefully more as time goes by and my dillemma works out...hope that doesnt make you more confused.but he strong and just tell him how you feel.Kyle

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