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I will grow old and will never understand a woman!

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I Will never understand a woman you do so many things to please them and it never enough. dont get me wrong they are the fruit and and the core of human existint but sometimes,No all the times they are the reason for altercation and battles.Thats what i dont understand please tell me what is what a woman want from man?

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what a woman wants to feel is security and love


always compliment her on her looks, she is always the most beautiful woman in the world, never give her any doubt of that


tell her you love her and hold her close and squeeze her at every opportunity



a woman doesnt want all ur gifts and treats, take her for a meal, tell her shes beautiful in a soft voice, dont make a move on her she will let you know when she wants you


married 25 years with 3 sons and very happy.....

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i would suggest doing the above,after about 6 months of dating a girl. If you start doing all of those things too early,she'll get scared...thinking you are too serious and not enough of a challenge. If you are strong enough, try using a different psychology! Why torment yourself into trying to discover what a woman wants...real men (successful with women i mean) don't think like that. At the end of a date,TRY THINKING IF SHE IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU...not " did i do okay?". good luck 8)

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