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Hi guys


First post. i was really interested in this bartender. so i asked her if she was single. She said yes but she was going through this whole male bashing phase. none the less i asked if she would like to do something. so she asked for my number and i gave it, but when i asked for hers..she said she does not give out her number because she has met a few psychos. I'm a bit confused if she's gonna call..althought when i left and said goodbye to her..she said she'll give me a call over the weekend. should i hold my breath on that or just let it pass.

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You should let it pass while you're out getting other phone numbers. If she's going to call you, you'll get the message. She simply doesn't want to give up her power and control over boundaries.


If she said male bashing phase, the last guy(s) turned her out. And believe me you do not want to be on the receiving end of a woman scorned.


remember the more numbers, the more odds you have finding someone more compatible for you. If you're asking for numbers in the first place, that means yu are probably ok with being single at this time.


So go for it!

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