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is he talkin trash becuz he cares?!

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ok so me n my b/f broke up about a month ago (after 2+ years of dating) and it old him i didnt want to talk to him again. so about 2 weeks after that he IM's me but i ignore it..he calls and i ignore the calls. so he emails me and says he regrets ever being with me (??!!) BUT he wants to know why im so mad at him... (?!) doesnt make sense right? so i tell my friend to IM him and pretend hes my "new" b/f and to tell him to leave me alone.. so my ex starts talkin trash about me to him sayin ima b**** and that my "new" b/f better becareful cuz im no good. so I IM him and tell him to leave me alone and he says no becuz he wants to know why im mad and why i stopped talkin to him.. BUT he also said that im not important to him at all and never was. so im really confused becuz he says im no good and im such a b**** but yet he wants to know why im so mad at him..some of my friends say that its becuz hes mad and hurt cuz he cant have me anymore and he told my "new b/f" all that stuff about me to drive him away.. i dont know. PLEASE help becuz this is driving me nuts.. i would think that if he REALLY did move on as he says he did.. he owuldnt be so mad at me and be talkin trash about me.. but who knows.. please reply.

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neither of you have really "moved on", really...playing games and having someone pretend to be your bf is just as bad as him saying anything negative about you...you can't shut off your attachment with someone from a long term relationship like shutting off a water faucet.


if you broke up with him, yeah, he's hurt...esp after two+ years of dating and like most people....and you can tell just by reading these boards...they want to know WHY. Doesn't mean he wants you back but he os trying to get closure...trying to move on...and lashing out and being irrational/mean because he is hurt by the whole thing is pretty common.


If the tables were turned, and he did to you what you are doing to him...you'd probably be acting the exact same way...

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i agree with u guys 110% but the thing im askin myself is.. why does he have to be such a hypocrit and say that i was never important to him and that hes so over me.. and then go ahead and say hes not gonna leave me alone until he knows why im so mad.. then i emailed him and told him that obviously he hasnt moved on if hes still tryin to get me mad and hes talkin ish about me.. so he stopped emailin me and everything.. but still ya know. i think he stopped emailin me and buggin me cuz i brought it up like.. ok u havent moved on cuz ur still buggin! and to be honest, i dont want him to be over me.. i mean i want him to begg and cry for me cuz.. i did that for him so many times. and im not over him 110% cuz hello i was with him for 2+ years.. but im happier now. so if u guys are boys.. i wanna ask you.. why do you guys do that? like.. talk ish to the supposed new "bf" about ur ex and bug ur ex over an irrelevant question.. PLEASE REPLY! oh and i told my friend to pretend he was my b/f cuz i thought that'd be the the big hint for him to finally get it and leave me alone.

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