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Can I tell him?? Help me plz!!

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ok..I have written a problem I'm having with this certain guy before. The thing is, I cant decide what to do. Me and this kid were very close, but the past few weeks we havent talked hardly at all. Wen i asked him online one night wut happened, he didint answer me. I dont kno if he was just not at his computer or if he was ignorin me. I really care for him, and just talkin to him made me the happiest person alive. We talked so much and he said how lonley he was and how he wanted someone. I didnt kno if this was a hint or what!! But now its different, and Im so sad all the time since we dont talk. My friends always ask whats the matta and i laugh it off liek im fine. Sometimes i feel that i have the courage to tell him my feelings, and other times i get mad at him and wish i never met him, for making me feel like this. But the thing is he did nothing to me, and i think the only reason i get mad, is because im mad at myself for falling so hard for him. I cant just loose him, i think i need to tell him my feelings. I NEED HELP on what the best way to tell him i like him is. PLZ PLZ reply if u read this, i really need help and if u have past experiences or whatever, plz let me kno. Im afraid he will think im crazy or somethin like that. Do guys like grls to tell them something this big? Im scared to do this and u could really help me. THANKS

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well honestly, you should tell him your feelings. It is the best route to go. From a guy point, sometimes it is intimidating when a girl tells you she likes you then again, depending if the guy likes her back, it can be a blessing from heaven. Trust me, if you tell him, regardless of the response, at least you'll know whether it is met to be or not. If he likes you, then things will only get better between the two of you and if he doesn't then at least you'll know to move on and stop wasting your own time. Either way, if you don't say anything, you'll never know. Ya know, I should start taking my own advice. Best of luck..

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