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Success story I guess you'd call it

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Anyways, previous story was posted here

link removed


ANYWAYS (again lol), school monday today; since then (link above) we've gotten more closer, holding hands most of the time, me kissing her hand and neck, but never did we kiss on the lips.


Today was different, after school - we went to my/her locker and packed and all, so we were both waiting for our pickup inside (because it was like a snowstorm outside x_X) Anyways, my pickup came first and I was about to go, held her close and I was ABOUT to kiss her (because I was comfortable then) and then all of a sudden she kisses me. Now previously I told myself that I would initiate but timing was all wrong I guess


Anyways, I kissed her right after that, along with the things I've picked up from this forum (one hand behind her ears sort of, you know what i mean) and then she just blurted out some random breif story about when shes ganna get picked up. I was like "what the hell did you just say?" and we laughed.

Now I think we both like each other more than usual because it was like... a start off to a better/fun relationship (not that we didn't have one before but... you get my drift).


So I guess, this was my 'success story' if you'd call it that, I'd just like to thank you all for helping out and such.




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