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how would i know if girl likes me?

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Well, I am girl so i know what i am talking about. If first you can tell if girl likes you if she gives you her phone number thats big thing there. i know if i don;t like the guy I wouldn't even gave him my phone number. Also, just the way she talks to u Honestly I think you would know if she really likes you. But if you like her just go up to her and tell her. I rather have the guy do that then me. I hope this help. You can email me @ email removed or IM at Nikichick3 and tell me what you really what to know I will try my best to answer

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Hey sTasios7!!


Different people show they like someone in different ways. I like this guy at the moment and the way I act when I'm around him is definitely different to the way I am with other guys. So hopefully what I'm feeling right now will help you decide whether this girl likes you.


You don't say how old you are but I'm guessing you're younger than me (I'm 27). I agree with helpmegirl however I'm oldfashioned (maybe I'm just old!) but I don't give out my number to a guy - they give it to me - it's the gentlemanly thing to do. If I like someone and like talking to them I would call them back. If they don't get annoyed at the sound of my voice, don't make excuses without a compromise (like, "sorry, can't talk to you now but I promise to call you back later"), sound happy to hear from me (you CAN tell) and invite me to call them again then I guess I can assume that they like me.


Ask the girl that you like out to a cafe for a drink for a first date - don't suggest the movies because I reckon that's the absolute worse place to take someone for a first date if you want to get to know them better. If you get on well with each other you can always stay longer and have something to eat and if not...well, you're not stuck there for hours.


If she initiates conversation, asks you questions about yourself and smiles when you speak then I think she likes you.


And don't forget - this works both ways - you will have a better chance with someone you admire if you make them the centre of your attention.


This is what I've been doing with this guy and he is still talking to me (he rings me up every couple of days and we meet up on the weekend) so I guess I'm doing something right!!


Good luck and keep us updated ok??!!


C U L8a, alligator!!

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The biggest hint if the girl likes you would be the smile. You can always notice the smile, especially see if you walk in and out of a room, see if her eyes follow your every move. When you talk to her, see what kind of body language she's giving out. Is she wrapping her arms, or just let them hang loose? Is she playing with her hair? or does she seem anxious to talk to you? Just notice the little thing, and last but not least, don't forget to smile! Good luck.

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