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What am I DOING??

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Ok, I am seriously confusing the crap out of myself. My boyfriend just broke up with me 6 weeks ago (7 mo relationship), before I get into this any further.

So there is this guy, Matt. I can't decide if I like him or not. If he doesn't call me I get mad, but if he calls and talks too long I get mad, and if he calls me too much I get mad. I get mad if he drinks, which if I didn't "like" him I wouldn't care. Sometimes he annoys me to death and other times he's pretty cool. I want to make out with him really bad, but I still don't know how I feel about him. Sometimes I want him to hold me, but if he goes to hold my hand I get all weird. He has asked me out several times and I just reply "I can't right now" because of my current breakup.

Do any of you know why in God's name I'm acting like this? I am making absolutely no sense.

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is it that you are not over your ex-boyfriend and not really ready for a new relationship? it sounds like you are not sure about this guy and are afraid of getting too serious after getting hurt in your past relationship. i would listen to your heart. its ok to be confused, you are allowed to be this way.


make sure you are not getting involved with this guy just for the sake of having a guy around (it kind of sounds like you might be doing that but im not sure).

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i think that after your ex boyriend broke up with you,you want to prove yourself that you can still seduce a boy.that's way you want him to call you and to give you attention.and you want to make out with him because you want to show your ex you can find another boyfriend.but matt is not the right one.


but this is just my opinion.

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I am not over my ex boyfriend. Im in the process of geting over him. I sort of think I just want male attention from Matt, and I feel bad for that. I think deep down I really don't want to be in a relationship with him, but I'm hanging around to see if I'll randomly start liking him like that or something. This sucks.

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