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My husband and I have an open, honest and very solid relationship. Recently, we started talking about the subject of swinging. He said that he could see how, if done carefully and properly, swinging could enhance the quality of the marriage in a positive way. For instance, if a married couple "swung" (?) with two other people in the same room/house, it could bring the two partners closer together, create a shared experience of sexuality, that kind of thing. It would not work to have the two partners go off with two other people in separate places/times as that would basically be "cheating with permission." I know that some people reading this will see no difference between swinging and cheating with permission, but just for the sake of argument...


My question is: does anyone have any real life experiences to share about how swinging affected their marriage/long-term relationship, either in a positive or negative way? Real-life examples would be most helpful, please - not moral opinions. Thank you.

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