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first of all.... "down there" usually smells all the time.....But it smells like worst when he does it probably because of your "released fluids" and his finger is probably just cerculating the smell around.... Now if its really groose then you could have some STD or something like that..... And if that's the case you might wanna see the doctor, or if ya can't look online for possible symptoms...

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highly doubt you have any type of STD....


every woman has a "scent" to her...every day...all the time...just like a man's sperm has an odor (and a taste) generally, those fluids stay inside your vagina so of course, you can't smell it...when they come OUT of you...then the smell is noticeable...


think about when you have your period...there is an odor there...same thing.

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Yeah it is true that your diet effects the taste AND smell of the fluids released during sexual activity. For example, if a guy drinks a lot of alcohol or eats aspargus, his partner is gonna get a nasty, bitter surprise! However, eating fuits or drinking something sweet like lemonade will make you taste sweet! I can't remember what the site was that I read this on, but if you look up oral sex on the internet I'm sure you'll come accross that info.

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