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Some Problum or Confusion


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hi .. i m a 22 yr male, still a virgin .. actually i m worried aboout that my penis foreskin dont streaches back over the head of the penis revealing the inner part of the penis.


I m worried that isit normal or its having some prob, will i b having som prob in having sex in future.


Plzzz Clarify ..

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i have the same problem, and ive had sex with a condom, and it didnt affect it in any way. the only form of sex that it makes a difference for me is in oral sex. because the head isnt exposed there isnt as much pleasure, so it takes very long for me to have an orgasm from oral sex. but if you do decide to do something about it, dont get circumcised, you will lose sensitivity and your MANHOOD! get a small incision in the foreskin to make the hole bigger, thats what i may do someday.

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