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i dont know if im over her or not

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i broke up with this girl (amanda) about 2 weeks ago or so and i stopped thinking about her all the time but everyonce in a while i think about her and all the good times we had i dont know if i should just leave them behind and move on or stay and try to get her back now im not a bad lookin guy actually im quite popular with the ladies and i act like i dont care cuz i have girls on me and im all over girls all the time now(atleast on the weekends) so everyone including her thinks im over her but i know im not but i think i am so the only thing i could do is get drunk and that didnt work out well cuz i ended up cryin on a bench by the river and ever since we broke up amanda has been a b***h and i met these 2 girls who i kinda like but both of them are hesitant to be with me cuz im a "player" but i only act like that to make people think im over amanda so wut should i do continue bein all over everyone or try to get 1 of those girls (preferablly kallison)?? please help me

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I'd start with looking seriously at yourself... You say you've been thinking of the good times, etc... What about the bad times? What made you two break up? What about your ex do you not like? You say she's been a B-I to you, so take the things she says and does and concentrate on them.


Getting over your 'player' image is easy. Stop it. You have control over what you do or don't do, so stop acting like a player. You want this other girl to like you, but you've given her no reason to think you are going to treat her right. So, give her reasons to trust you. Show her in little ways that you're interested and that you're not chasing all the other girls.

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