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Hey guys, I posted a little while ago. I am still having a rough time dealing with not being with my ex, but it is getting better. I just can't stop thinking about her. Anyway, my twin brother saw her out tonight and he usually never tells me, but felt he should because he saw her new guy, and he said he was such a loser, he said he almost laughed. He thought this would make me feel better, but it didn't at all. I need to get over her. I feel i still have a shot, but I haven't called in a month. Should I feel better that he told me?

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Well, yeah. Would you prefer to be given the truth or not been told at all?

If you're really that much in love with her, then take the shot. Don't be afraid.. Although it might hurt if she doesn't feel the same no longer. I think she has probably totally gotten over you or she thinks that you have given up on her which would convince her 2 go out with some other guy. If you've changed your mind on the shot... then probably the easiest way to get over her is to get someone else new.

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You're the one that should know the answer to that problem. You,re the only one who can tell yourself if you're over her, or not.


If you feel uncomfortable about it, tell your brother. Maybe hej ust needs to know you're not ready yet to hear things about her. You're still grieving, so it's normal.


But, as long as you want to be over her, then things will be fine.

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