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Really like a friend but one big problem

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ok this is the story.


I met this girl and i started to like her anyhow i just found out a mate liked her as well.


so me being kind i hitched them up together while she was at my house.

but after she left i really regrett doing so. i really need some help on this cuase i really like her. they aint going out yet but she also lives like 5 seconds away from me and my mate that i tried to matchmake her and him is like 2 hours away.. she comes over when ever i need company without a hitch. but they seam to be getting friendly and im allways a tad shy when it comes to this subject. and i know if i wait to long i will lose out. but its getting there and telling her thats the hard part


Any help would be greatful



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This is pretty compliment, especially when you hooked her up with someone!


That is good that you are a nice guy though. There is no problem in that, but sometimes you gotta step up for things you want in life. Obviously you really like this girl. Since they aren't going out right now, you still have last minute chances to tell her how you feel about things. Talking to her in person would be the best way instead of talking on the phone because she can see your eyes. Next time when she comes over, ask if you can talk to you about something that has been going on in your mind for awhile. Look deep in her eyes and tell her that you know that you hooked up her and your friend together, but you really like her and that you didnt know how to express it before. Then ask her, how do you feel about me? Now, that you told her your feelings....this is when it gets scary because the ball is in her court. When you find out how she feels about things, now you will know what to do next! Goodluck

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hey hey well that was so sweet that u were helpin a friend but u have to think about yourself sometimes. i no wat u mean about the shyness part because i want to tell a guy that i like him but i just can't seem to do it. well i have told myself that i need to tell him how i feel the next time. so i think that u prolly should tell her before u lose her




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