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Wats Wrong Wit Her? Part 2

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ok i posted something bout this b4 neway....


so iv been goin out wit this gurl not for too long now and i really like her and she really likes me but i hav a problem.


im currently not going skool for a while (been kicked out) so i dnt get to c her much but iv been goin skool to c her an stuf but tha thing is since i aksd her out and she sed yess she been actin a lil diffrent.


Wen i try to talk to her she wnt make conversation bak she jus starts smilin and goes all shy ive been told she "adjusting" to me but i dnt kno.

And kno its gotten worse wen i try walkin wit her she moves away frm me then comes bak then moves away.i dnt think its me because wen i talk to her on tha phone shes fine can talk all night and before i aksd her out she knew i liked her but she was fine shed always be with me and shed always talk to me but now wats wrong wit her?iv aksd her if theres a problem but she says there not.


its really screwin my head i need some help!!!wats wrong wit her?any help is welcome

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hmm mayb it is me but tha incident had nothing to do wit her and she said it dint bother her....i think she has a problem wit me i dnt kno....i mean iv been comin skool even tho i aint allowed jus to c her....she doesnt acknowledge that im makin the afford and that she shud too....is it me?


its messin my head more advice any advice would b apreciated.....

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nothing's wrong with her... it's natural people act that way.


after all, you're in the process of being kicked out right? you two are both so young... if I were her I wouldn't want to have my life wasted just because my boyfriend's being kicked out of school.



you can fix this. go beg your way back into school, start being a good student and start getting good grades. You have to make yourself into someone she's proud of being with or you're bound to lose her. If you let yourself be kicked out of school and not do anything about it, you'll be moving away from her "league" and you'll be on different levels.

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right i jus need to make one thing clear im only kicked out skool for about 2 months....im bak afta a while....


im not a student that messes around or gets crap grades it was jus this one incident....


but that cant possibly be tha reason why shes actinng so dirent is it?


wat can i do how can i ask her wats wrong without upsettin her?


advice any advice plz...

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Honestly, that could be a reason. Is she really good in school? I know if I had a boyfriend that got kicked out of school for two months it might make me second guess things. (just being honest) I don't know what you did or whatever, but depending on whatever it was, it could just make her feel a little differently.

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ok i really really need help in this situation so am gon explain a little clearer at happened....


a student came upto me i was in a bad mood he started a fight wit me and swung for me i ended up breakin his nose damaging hes cheek bone and hes ribs....an since many teachers do not like me one in particualr hu was dealing wit the incident i got a unprovoken assault on another student crap and got suspended.


but if i think clearly she sed it didnt bother her wat i had done evry1 knows i hav a short temper this guy was jus suicidal....


neway she sed it dint bother her i had been frends wit her 4 a while she knew i liked her an i she did like me i kne that so i aksd her out this was after tha incident....and this is wen i was kickd out so if it bothered her so much wat i had done why did she go out wit me?


if it is me being kickd outa skool that is makin her behave this way wat can i do to make her act normal wit me? will it be betta wen i go bak to skool?shud i jus finsh wit her because im not sure if shes happy she says she is but i dnt kno.


i jus want her to b happy even if im not.....


advice plz advice! any if welcome

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Eh.. I think I might know the problem.


Very little girls are attracted to guys with violent tendencies.


My roommate's bf got into an argument with me because I said I wouldn't date a guy if he's violent and if my boyfriend punched the wall in front of me we're through. He got so offended and said he punched the wall in front of my roommate but he would never hit a girl... I said I didn't care, so... lol, when bf came over he told bf I said that, and bf was just like.. yeah, it's like me.


My co-worker recently thought about dumping her boyfriend. They've only been out for 2 weeks so it'll be realitively easy. Her main reason for wanting to dump him is because he does cage fighting and said he beated 2 guys up till the point that they need life support. If it's me I would have dumpped the guy... but she decides she'll stay until he does something violent towards anything or anyone.


We all have violent tendencies. I know I have violent tendencies, that's why I joined sword fighting so I can beat people up when they're geared up and won't get hurt other than a few bruises. Bf knows he beated a lot of people up before and can't control his anger, that's why he's now an aikido black belt and does boxing, judo, wrestling on the side. Of course you can have violent tendencies but we all need to learn to exercise some self control. If you can't exercise self control and never be violent no matter what then people will feel very dangerous being around you.



I'm just guessing and I don't know your girlfriend... but for most people I know, beating up another person, whether the other person provoked it or not is pretty much a major turn off.


Talk this out with her, and don't say things like, "I won't ever hit you even if I hit other people." That's like what every single abusive person say before they start abusing people. Tell her that you'll learn to control your tempers and what happened before won't ever happen again. Stick with it too. It's something that's really major and I think that's the key seperation between civilized people and uncivilized people. ...(yes, i don't think african tribes are any less civilized.)

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Right thank you very much tea 4 ur help im gon ask her about that 2mrw wen i c her.....myab that is tha problem


im not violent jus am wen i need to b grew up like that....


but one thing is still in my mind why did she go out with me then?She knew wat i was like wen she sed yes i didnt put ne pressure on her she says shes happy mayb she jus doesnt want to hurt me?i jus want her to b happy...i dnt hav a bad reputation or nethin quite tha opposite...


so is she playing me along then?its not like were even goin out the way shes acting....shes messing my head....


cud there b something else thats makin her act like she is?


Thankyou 4 all ure advice ppl but more wud b apreciated!!


(thanks tea)

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thanks for helping me tea i asked her 2day evrything i needed to know and why shes acting like she has been....


she said it was partly because of my violence because shes a type of gurl that gets on with guys more then gurls she has lots of close friends that are guys and most them have at one point tried something with her,alot of guys want her and she was scared that i might hurt one of them badly....which i would never do because i know that she would never leave me for anyone else....ive told her now i wont harm anyone im not that type of person to go looking for trouble trouble normally finds me......


anyway i think my problem is partly sorted thankyou everyone for your help especially tea... thanks

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