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could neone help...

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Ive posted here about my problem. You can find it here:


im only 13 years old...but i tihnk im being given too much responsiblity. Every day seems like a living hell to me, and im always depressed. Just wondering if neone had any advice or anything at all that would help. The only thing that sorta helps is music, but everything still sucks...

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listen up my friend....to get through to your parents...stop doing what they want for a bit..let them get mad at you then u can really tell them how you are feeling and why u are not doing what they want...dnt go to work just go straight home...rest....go to a friends house etc etc...yes this may seem like u are being disobedient to your parents but they will realise something is wrong, and also...if u have a family friend(parent or uncle etc) that is close to ur parents then tell them about this...tell them that you feel like cutting urself because u dont no what to do...be honest and dont bottle up one feeling at all....just dont cut urself...ive bin there n dun it....it doesnt help...jst puts in u in hospital very dazed and with less blood in u...also ruins a perfectly good knife with blood stains lol. but honestly...dont do anything silly....if you think about it on a positive note...u wont ever have to look for a job in the future lol. if u need to chat then pm me or email me etc so we can hav a 1 to 1i dnt mind helping people if i can...u r 2 young 2 b going through so much i dnt like it



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I don't agree with not doing what you are told....that can and will only result in you possibly ending up with even MORE responsibility as punishment. (as a mom - I think my opinion has a bit of credibility here ) Are you a responsible kid otherwise? The reason I'm asking is that your parent's may choose to have you at the restaurant working instead of home by yourself if you have given them reason not to trust you. If you have managed to get yourself in trouble before, this could be you paying your dues for it in hopes, by your parents, it teaches you a lesson.


As others have suggested, what you have to do is get another adult involved. A teacher, a school counselor - someone. Your parents are too busy to realize you aren't just being a whining nagging 13 year old. By bringing another adult into it, especially someone from your school who calls them in for a meeting...makes them pay attention. Esp if your school work is not as good as it used to be.

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