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Hi everyone!

Well, I wasn't sure where to put this, but...yeah

Anyways, I have a wonderful bf whom I trust(even though I find it really hard to trust ppl) but I'm afraid.....I'm afraid cuz I have such strong feelings for him and care so much, I hope/wish it's gonna last long..but now I'm worrying all the time..."what if he decides he doesn't want me anymore?"...."what if he meets someone better then me?"....I don't know how to stop this, but I need to stop thinking like this!!!!

Does anyone know what I should/could do to stop this?!?

What's wrong with me?

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#1 stop dating people until you get over your insecurities.




#2 realize that you are being irrational. That your life does not revolve around this guy although you are treating it like it does. Everyone has been in a failed relationship...there are no guarantees that one will work so sitting there fretting over "what if's"....quite frankly are only going to run the guy out of your life that much faster...


you can't say you trust him if those are the questions you are asking yourself....and if he gets wind that you are doubting him, he WILL find someone better....someone who isn't going to doubt every little thing.


who wants to be around a constant worry wart? You are taking the fun out of being in a dating environment...


these questions you are asking are a reflection of your own self esteem...which is pretty low. You need to find other things in your life to help validate who you are, hobbies, friends, volunteer work (etc) other than your boyfriend. You need to start doing things that make you feel better about YOU....otherwise, like I said...you will run him off...and future men as well.

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I think ticklebug has some points. It really does come down to insecurity. By focusing on something it may eventually happen. Try to rationalize it. Step back and look at the situation from a different perspective. See how silly your thoughts are based on the facts. Just my opinion. Also, you may want to check out the following post about being willing to walk away. It makes a lot of sense.


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Good luck. -Bree

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