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kinda confused

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ok last night i was so sick i m a cold any way my boyfriend called me up and asked me if i wanted to go out and get sumthing to eat and i told him i had just eaten.He said ok then we made small talk and then in the back ground i heard his best friend(whom i don't like) any way so he had to go. Then i watched a movie wit my parents then i came on the computer and i seen my b/f's best friends girlfriend online and her nic said that she was at my b/f's house wit her b/f and it had that my b/f was sexy or whatever(witch doesn't bother me) then i went back out into the living room and listened to music then i came back on the computer and now her nic said gone outside be back later.and i got so mad and dunno no why. then i got this feeling like i wanted to dump my b/f.but then i thought about it and there is no real reason to break up with him cuz i still really like him and isn't any real bad fights just some little ones but any way what do i do??? i wanna dump but i don't:S like i was him tonight and everything was fine but i dunno what to do?? and i can't talk to him about it cuz he would defintly dump me.

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