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She sits quietly not speaking to a soul but rather wondering why she's alone. She wants a friend but cries instead, the girl who cries for loneliness. She wants a friend she needs one now before they put her in the ground.


She screams but no one seems to care, every drop of every tear falling silently to the floor as she cries out in her everlasting war.The battles between her and her social life, she fears that time is running out choking on her frustration and self-doubt.


She looks calm, she looks fine but inside she cries, cries all the time, cries for the friends who let her go, cries for the life she'll never know. wants to scream, wants to shout, wants to end it all in one blow; though she's scared and so unsure to see just another friend walk out the door.


So she gets up and walks away to the beginning of another hopless day.



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Xrucuz, has something happened that led to you losing your friends?


I certainly understand loneliness and you capture how paralizing it can be to be there. People saying ...you gotta get off your butt and move doesn't help at all. Depression does that. Makes you want to do nothing literally. I recall my highschool days. I was somewhat of a loner. I had my clique but inside I felt the way you do. Sometimes my tears would come out (literally) which I always played off as a headache, but I know the pain on loneliness. The ache can be overwhelming. But if you feel suicidal PLEEEEASE don't wait ...get some help. You may just need antidepressants. They helped me in the past. I don't take them anymore, but they certainly can help.


Msg. me if you need to talk. Life never stays the same, it will get better. -Bree

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