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How many is too many?

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me and my girlfriend have been going out 1 year now (i am 16 she is 15) and we first had sex after around 7 months. she has had sex with 4 different guys before me and it was my first time with me. She said that when she had sex with these other guys she was going through a weird stage of her life. i dunno i just feel a lil weird being with her. im not sure what im really asking, any comments would be apreciated tho

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If you think that it's akward now, wait until you brake up. Sex is very delicate and ruins the relatioships you have with someone if you aren't careful


I'm not saying that you are going to brake up, but you two are still young, and there is a nice chance it's not forever. If you do brake up, it will hurt so bad because of your intamate relationship. Some people think that if you have sex your really in love. but just wait to see what happens when the love becomes one sided.

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I can understand why you would feel awkward, 5 sexual partners and she's only 15 years old? In my opinion, that is too much. I hope that you made sure she was tested for STDs before you slept with her, I don't mean to worry you or anything but it's the smart thing to do. Anyway, if you really love your girlfriend, you're going to have to learn to accept this flawed past of hers, and hope that she doesn't go through one of these "stages" again anytime soon.

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