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I'm stuck, and need help!


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Hey everyone, I'm a 16 year old guy who lives in a pretty boring city, where I goto school, come home, do homework and play videogames. I know now, this is not the "fun-filled" life I want to lead by I am having problems finding other things to do.


I want to quit gaming because it is a huge time waster, and you could be doing something productive in the meantime. I want to get a job, that will come, but since it's getting close to christmas, all the places around me have done hiring, so I expect to head out after the christmas season.


But when it comes to hobbies, I'm in the dark and have no idea what I can do. The only recreational things around me are things like bowling, paintball, and swimming. Those all kinda lose their fun, and there's no room to expand in skill (except paintball, but it's damn expensive).


My home hobby is working out for about an hour 3 times a week, but I need something to wake up for....What should I do.

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I'm sure you have friends. Ask them what they're doing and go along with them, or invite them somewhere. Sometimes it's fun just to hang out with a few people and do whatever comes to mind.


If you don't have friends, then start getting involved in stuff at school. Have you ever wanted to try out for a sport or join a club? If you have, school involvement is not only a great way to make friends, but also an excelent way to spend your time.


I'm involved in a a lot of things inside and outside of school because I hate being copped up in the house. I'm usually doing extra-ciriculars during the week, and on the weekends just hanging out with friends.


You said that you exercise, well if you go to a gym, than that's another way to meet people.


I just don't think you should spend so much time by yourself. Ask at least one person to join something or try out for something with you. It's easier and more fun.

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dude its the same for me. i live in a town witha population of like 2000, and thers nothing at all to do. the nearest mall is 45 minutes, same with the movie theater, and the only thing we have in our town is a bowling alley. me and my friends are into pyrotechnics, so thats something weve found that keeps us interested. you just gotta find something that doesnt get old. once you do that, you work on it and get good at whatever u think of. i eventually plan to enter a pyrotechnics competition once i get teh right materials, so it went from being bored to...well...not.

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I hang out with friends during the weekend, and the week. We're all stuck together though, so what we do is starting to get stale, and it's almost like there's no solution.


Have you ever wanted to try something new? It's weird that all of you are bored of eachother. I'm sure it's not your town that makes you bored. You and your friends just have to be inovative. Life is interesting because we make it that way. If you don't agree with that, maybe you should find some new friends, or a girlfriend.

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