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am i pregnant?


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i recently forgot to take one of my pills in which i am to take daily. so i carried on with the next pack forgetting to use a contraceptive with my boyfriend during one of the days.I know that the pill and the condom is not 100% safe, and as i didnt use anything i thought there was a chance i could be pregnant. So i took a pregnancy test which came up negative.But when i went to the doctors to collect results on a urine sample i had taken after the test, they rang me yesterday saying there is a chance i could be as the results wernt clear but i could also have a water infection. what should i do?

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When you forget your pill, the next day you need to take 2 pills instead of just one. Then you have to wait for 1 week before you're safe against pregnancy again. =/ Directions on pregnancy pills are extra important, you really should have kept them clear in mind.



Well, now.. what you should do in the future. ... the past is already done.


Go back and get tested again. If you are pregnant, think hard on whether you want to keep the baby or not. Don't let other people persuade you into anything. Listen to their opinions and make up your own mind. Go get tested first... if it's just a scare then, thank goodness. If it's not a scare and you're actually pregnant... it sucks, but tell your parents. =/ They'll get ultra mad at you... but it'll pass and they'll help you.

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