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another dream..please help

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ok,a few nights ago i had this dream about my friends ex bf. She is two years older than me and her ex..and thats kind of the reason why they broke up...but that really doesnt have to do with any thing. Every time i see tony i just want him so bad...its crazy. when i was with my bf..i was happy to be with him and didnt think of tony...but then later on tony called me to talk and i was like smiling the whole time. hes always been a good friend and i have always thought he was cute. i had the hugest crush on him 3 years ago..but now the crush came back all because of this dream. Any explanation? I mean, i've heard people say the feelings that come back are the ones that never went away...but im pretty sure my feelings for him went away. I dont know what made me think of him like this again. Does any one have any ideas?

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hey well maybe you feel that now that he's availible , you want him , but you have ur bf , and his ex is ur best friend , ive gone through that likeing my best friend stage and most of da time it dosent work out b/c he or you will be shy , you probably thinking you want him b/c he probably , hot and availible , but just think about how ur friend will feel if she found out u liked him , try not to talk to him 4 a while and just be with ur boyfriend ..........and then c if u still want ur friend then

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