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How Do I Get Rid Of These

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Alright ill say i was heavy like 288 pounds at age 16 and i lost alot of weight and now i am 195 which i am going to stay but since i lost all of that weight i now have stretch marks on my body and they are the are really embarrassing sorry poor english. But can anyone tell me how i can lose these stretch marks some kids ask me in gym what those are and i just tell them i got burned when i was little but anyone please help me I want to get rid of these ugly marks.

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I think she had Cocoa Butter as well, but I think she mainly used the Vitamin E oil, I don't really remember that well. I know that she had the scars for a couple months, and then after a while they just started to fade away, to a point were they could no longer be seen. I only heard about this from her and my mom because she had a breast reduction, and it's not like I wanted to see her boob scars. But she would tell me how the oil really worked, and would recomend that I use when I would crash my dirtbike and get some pretty nasty scars. I only used it for a little (since scars are cool ) but it did help in making the scar's less noticeable. So my guess would be a couple weeks to months before you notice a change, then after that you will notice a constant "fade away" of those marks.

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alright sounds pretty cool ill go out and buy some of that stuff. Another question does it make you any different from anyone else with these ugly marks? I mean i had to lose weight because i could have problems later down the road so i thought it would be a good idea to lose it now and not worry.

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As a regular at the gym, I have them under my armpits and they stretch a little to the upper back and pecs. There very common on guys who go to the gym either from muscle gaining, or from sudden weight loss. I don't know why people would be looking at u funny in the gym, because like i said, its very common there.

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As Jonny said, stretch marks are really common, I have some in the lower stomach area, and used to ahve some in the inside of the first half of my arm (bit between shoulder and elbow), but those seem to have disapeared..

I'm not sure when they appeared, but i dont really care about them, as i aint one to show off my body




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