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Could I be any more clueless?!

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start off slowly and make it really sensual. like a massage... work up speed over time to get the blood pumping (don't go too fast) personally, i say make sure you do all of this while making out. if he stops the kissing to like throw his head back or something, then you know you're doing well. if he says that he's about to cum, speed it up a little more to make the climax better. if he doesn't say anything, you can try to gauge how close he is from his body language - breathing harder, eyes closing tighter, kissing becomes a bit more rough, etc. just make sure you have fun with it (he definetly will be) there's nothing better than a handjob than if the girl who's doing it is enjoying herself too.


good luck!

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forgot to mention... if you have a free hand, some guys like it if you also play with their balls. again, this should be gentil, and make sure you don't sqeeze! ouch! if you do it right, he should let you know somehow. if he doesn't like that, don't be offended if he asks you to stop that part, so just continue with your one hand. if you've never done it before, he'll probably help you figure out what he likes.


hmm... i got really into this question didn't i? hmm...

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Lotion actually arouses them because it looks like cum...That was one thing my ex told me...And ummm dont be too rough make sure to be gentle but you should see what they do with it..Omg talk about WHoA lol...


Theres not a wrong way to do it really just dont be afraid to pull...Dont rub without any pull action It tends to make them sore If u go to fast...You can actually hurt Under there Jr Friend if you know what i mean because of there hot spot..But besides that it should be pretty Play by Play ya know? Good LuCk


And wow the guy before me knows what he wants lol..

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