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How do i get rid of this guy nicely?

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I am ina 2yr relationship and theres this guy thats my friend who is a good guy but is getting on my nervesssssss bc he keeps calling me to get ice cream and all this stuff but my bf doesnt know i talked to him bc we were broken up at the time and now that we are back together he still keeps calling me telling me not to be with him bc hes not good to me which sometimes is true but how do i get him to back off without making him feel bad? I cant tell my bf bc he is the jealous type and doesnt believe in guys and girls having friends when they are in relationships.

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Sorry to say it, but you need to be honest and tell him how you feel.

It might hurt his feelings, it is sometimes unavoidable. But if he really is annoying you that much, tell him politely to back off. If he won't, that is probably an indicator that he has a crush on you. If you are not interested, then you definitely need to say goodbye to that relationship until you are single or with someone who doesn't mind you having male friends.

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