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Can some... girl... help me?

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Ok... there's this girl. She's the only one I've liked the WHOLE school year. My friends tried to get her to like me, since it was already out that I liked her. One day my friend was like "Oh hey! She doesn't like you." I was like "I was expecting it." but it was still kind of a huge blow. I mean... I was expecting it... but I still liked her. Even now, almost 2 weeks later, I'm still almost always thinking about her, and wishing she liked me too.

Now I have play practice almost every night for another week before the play. I'm trying to get her to notice me by talking to her friends, but apparently it's still not working. I've tried almost everything I could think of, and she still apparently doesn't like me.


Is there anything I can do to get her to like me? She's in 2 of my classes, but I rarely talk to her. I really wanna go out with her, and show her I'm really not as stupid and 'gay' so to speak as she thinks. I'm like... really deperate. PLEASE help me if you can.


It's killing me being with her everyday knowing she hates me. Ugh! HELP PLEASE!!!



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I don't really think I will be what you expected when you asked for a girls help , but I meet the qualification technically so I am going to give it a shot. Girls can be really hard to convince that you are a great catch even if you are. Some times we get this picture in our head of this person that we should like and that is the only type of person that we will even cosider as a person to date. Also girls tend to like guys that seem to play it cool. I hate to admit it, but I am still that way. If it is too obvious that a guy likes me then I just get suspicious as to his motives. I think if you are really intereested in this girl and it seems youare then you just need to give her the opportunity to realize that you are a nice and interesting person. Written like that I know that sounds really easy and even I realize that it is not as easy as it sounds. I think if you can get her phone number or maybe her user name online? Then she would get the chance to talk to you without the pressure of school and other peoples prying eyes. Well I really do hope there is something useful in here. Good luck !

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