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how to give the best bj


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deepthroat as much as possible, surpris ehim with that, biuld up to it. Let him hold your head and even push it down on him, as hard as you can take it. This si for the advanced giver tho and i would not recomend it to a girl who has "little" experience no pun intended.

if hes little then it should just be that much easier.

swallowing finishes this off the best possible way.

AOr at least taking it in your mouth and letting it drip out while he is cumming. etc....

watch a few good pornos (or bad ones) youll see how men like it.

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I have also been writing about BJs, I dont like them that much lol. There are books and stuff to look at, i will let you borrow one of mine if you want, lol.

If i was you i would wear a condom and do it, for the first time anyway. It aint that bad without one, but it does taste funny.

c u at skool lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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It will diffa depending on the guy.


But a girl who does a little teasing at first is good. Use a fair amount of saliva because this will make it more comfortable for both parties involved. Vary the licking and sucking a bit, even deep throat if u can sometimes. As April 922 mentioned, massage his balls with your fingers and tongue, it feels great but many women don't mess with them while playing down there, probably cause they dont know how good it feels. And swallowing is great for many guys if u don't mind (don't be forced into it). And if he's really wanting u to, then tell him u will if he snowballs


Keep teeth off unless your very gentle.

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