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Decipher myself for me on whether it's love

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I'm currently in Japan for 90 days and i'll be back to North America very soon. I met this girl in a classroom who are the same age as I. As time progresses, we've went out from 5 days/week to 3 days to 2 days mainly because i don't want to see her too often to maintain some attraction in both my part and hers.


Things went well as there are 40 days remain in Japan. I kind of do realized that she's attracted to me, and i kept telling myself that i'm not attracted to her. But at times when she's very friendly with another guy, I get jealous but aren't sure whether there is something going on inside of me. She is a very loving & attractive girl. But only when she talks with another guy in a very friendly way that gets me thinking whether i like her or not. I personally KNOW this relationship is not going to work for i'll be going back to my home country pretty soon and she's going to stay in Japan for another 3 years. Nowadays, i couldn't study well... I skip school, stay home and do nothing. She always calls me to see if i'm doing okay, wondering why i didn't go to class.


I think what i just wrote doesn't really make much sense... But i'm not sure what i should do now. I don't know whether i should go for her or not. If i do go for her, i feel as though there is no love involved but are still dating her.... If i don't go for her, i might regret later on in the future.

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