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what do i do about this girl?

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my girlfriends new best friend is the worst influince in the world and i can already see some of this girls bad qualitys wearing off on my girlfriend. do i say something? ive told her it bothers me but she dosnt seem to care. she more conserned about hanging out with this girl then trying to work something out. what hurts the most is we've been together for two and a half years now and she spending more time with this girl then me. yes ill admit im jelous but what really bothers me is her friends attitude on life. she really plan on making anything of her self she just wants to party all the time and sleep around and im worried she going to try to get my girlfriend to follow her ways. what do i do?

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U have to talk to your girlfriend, and tell her that she has to listen to you. Let her kno that the only reason u r telling her this is for her own safety. If u make it about yourself she is going to get mad at you. I do know that u have to taslk to her, for the safety of her and for your relationship.


You could also try talkin to the friend, but I odnt kno how far this will get you. It may make ur gf realize how much u care for her.


One of my good friends is going through the same thing right now. His gf is starting to be convinced into makin bad decisions by HIS cousin. He has talked to both his cousin, and to his gf. The gf is tryin her hardest not to give into the situation because she loves him so much. So maybe if u try something like that. Even though that sounds very confusing lol.

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