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How many Red Bulls does it take before it gets really bad for you?


People always say that Red Bull is bad for you due to the high caffeine, but how much until it really takes a toll on your body and makes it weird?


I heard of someone having a seizure from too many Red Bulls. I don't know if it's true.


I'm just curious about this, if anyone knows. I tried going on the website, but it's just not loading...

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don't overdose on caffeine.


My best friend was addicted to caffeine in high school and first few years of college. He'd drink (2) 8 shot expresso in an hour and keep going.


... red bull's probably only bad for you because of how much caffeine they put in that. I don't know how much you CAN drink though. My guess is one or two a night.


...oh, Energizer tastes better and does about the same thing.

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Each person's body wil react differently to different amounts of caffeine. One thing to watch out for if your downing the bulls like water, is if you start to have "shakes", or if your body gets a bit uncontrolable after drinking them. That's your limit, and you shouldn't go past that. You actually shouldn't even drink enough to find your limit, at most 5 bulls a day would be more than enough caffeine to make your system get a bit out of control.


Yes there has been people that would have seizures and other things from too many bulls. My sister's friend is a nurse, and one night a few guys came in with there friend, who decided to down 3 Rockstar's (double the size of a Red Bull) in a few minutes. Afterwards his body was shaking a lot, and he said he was feeling sick. While in the waiting room, the guy dropped to the ground and started having a seizure. So be careful with drinking too many of those, they really aren't good for you in such large amounts.

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I went on this site and read that Red Bull has 70mg of caffine. They say that, "A dose of more than 4.5 mg per pound of body weight, or at least 180 mg for a 40-pound child, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, and muscle twitching. "


I am 130 lbs, so that suggests that 8 red bulls would make me sick. Of course it all depends on the current health of the person, but I would not suggest any person drink 8 red bulls. I think 2 is sufficient for any adult.



I myself prefer Monster energy drinks.

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I went on this site and read that Red Bull has 70mg of caffine. They say that, "A dose of more than 4.5 mg per pound of body weight, or at least 180 mg for a 40-pound child, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, and muscle twitching. "


My bf is 145pounds and when he tried it he was exhausted. We had been out sightseeing all day... It was early yet so he wanted to try it... BOY did it really give him a burst of energy... he wasnt tired anymore and he was looking to go and not sit around anymore...


We had to cut our outing short because he all of a sudden felt sick to his stomach and he was in the bathroom with an upset stomach after... He felt sick all night as well....



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How many did he drink?


I used to have 2 Monster Energy drinks a day when I worked graveyards but I never felt sick. Alot of my coworkers drink at least 2 SOBE No Fear drinks a day with no problems. Sadly, it looks like we have all built up some immunity to the caffine effects.



Does anyone here consume energy drinks regularly?

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I usually drink 2 with absolutely NO effect and I'm about 115 lbs. I usually don't drink more than that, because I'm first just trying to figure out if something bad could happen even though I'm not yet feeling the effects yet.

That's kind of weird that someone would get so sick off of it after one. I don't drink them too regularly and I only have a few a week. I think I'm one of the only people that loves the taste of Red Bull and drinks it just for that reason. I wish it would give me a quick pick me up or something, though, because I'm always on the go and want something to keep me up and running when I have to. I think I just have a high tolerance for caffeine.

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If I were you I would not drink that stuff.... me and my friends were sitting around and we came up with the saying "Red Bull.... it REALLY DOES give you wings" ... we have had 3 of our friends die from drinking it. They didn't drink but maybe 1 a week. I would lay off of it.

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I don't know about some places but in Manchester (UK) theres many student nights were they serve vodka/redbull cheaply. People drink it like water. I've had tons on nights out, and it doesn't keep me up all night. The fight between alcohol v caffeine always ends up with the alcohol winning and me falling asleep like a rock


So with the amount of stuff getting drunk on student nights, I can't imagine it can be THAT bad for people. If it was too dangerous im sure the drink would have to be toned down if its sold in nightclubs.


EDIT: To the poster above, I doubt 3 of your friends died from drinking it

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I've had redbull and it made me slightly more reactive but i shall never drink it again after reading these stories.


Sure, too much caffeine can't be too good for you, but that doesn't mean that a Red Bull or two is going to kill you... I highly doubt that. It's kind of like saying, "I'm not going to drive because I may get in an accident." Where do we draw the line of healthy and unhealthy, anyways? I think fattening food may be just as bad as caffeine sometimes... Too much of that can give you a heart attack, right? Now how many of us are going to give up our occasional Twinkie and Snickers bar?

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No they really did die, they all 3 died the same way is the strange thing. It happened on different nights but they all played basketball and they stayed up all night the night before one of their games the next day. So in order to stay awake and have energy they drank somewhere between 3-5 right before playing. One of them just passed out on the court on a throw in, they took him off and he died laying on the sidelines. The next one several weeks later died before getting to the hospital. The 3rd one drank 5 red bulls and his heart exploded...... pretty serious stuff.

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I produce concerts, and had one 2 nights ago. I started drinking red bull/vodka (half and half) from 9pm, by 11 pm I had already taken 5 of them. The concert ended at 4:45am an by them I realized I had 12 red bull/Vodkas, big glasses.


By the time I dorve home I started getting paranoia, I thought every carr was afeter me, I couldn´t see very well. Ans I had tochew everything I had in my hand. Of course my stomach was the worst of all, It was like in an earthquake and would not stop shaking.


I had something to eat, and went to sleep, I thought I was not going to be able to lie down, but I fell asleep in 2 minutes.


Never again will I do this... It´s been 2 days, but still my stomach is weak.


I think I was lucky.

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