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this is getting complicated, help!!!!

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Hi everybody! A few weeks ago, I made a post. Basically, I really like a girl, but she's going out with somebody else. Now, I told her best friend asking for her advice, but she accidentally told the girl I like. She doesn't act like she knows, but I know that she knows. What should I do!!

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That's a good suggestion, but it kills me whenever I see her and I know I can't be with her. That's the real problem. I can't like her because I can't ask her out but I can't not like her because I can't stop thinking about her. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, its just going to have to kill you... she has a boyfriend and she knows you like her... thats pretty much all you can do. Also how did the girl "accidentally" tell the girl you like? I'm sure she did it on purpose, friends tell friends stuff like that. But at least she knows you like her now, theres really nothing more you can do but be nice and be there when she and her boyfriend break up.

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i was in this situation. i have a warning for you.


let's say the guy somehow gets himself dumped or he dumps the girl you like, or they break up. however you slice it, let's say she's single and she knows you like her. she might start getting real friendly with you suddenly. but be CAREFUL. girls will use the "next guy in line" as a rebound from the previous relationship. this happened to me, at the time i didn't know that i was just her "rebound boyfriend".


i'm not saying she's shallow or that this is a guaruntee, but be aware that it can happen, so be on your toes, man!


other than that, good luck! be smart, like i wasn't. it was the biggest mistake i ever made.

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