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Problems with a friend

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I am having problems with one of my friends that happens to be a girl. She and I have been hanging out for about two months now. When we first started hanging out she had just broke up with her ex. She said how she did not want a relationship for a long time and I understood that when we were first hanging out. But then as time went on I really started to like her alot. She was just so nice and so easy to talk to. Eventually this feeling grew and I asked her if she liked me. She said that at a different time her answer would be different but since she just got out of a relationship she was not ready for anythinggn serious by far. But my feelings for her kept growing and a few weeks after that talk I told her that I really liked her and I thought that I may love her to. This understandably freaked her out and said that she thought we needed to take a little break. Its at that point when I started to become very depressed and upset, and have been that way ever since. I talked to her the other night and told her that I really want to be her friend, but I can't because my feelings for her are too strong and I know that would mess up any friendship we would have. The part that is bad is that she is in all of my classes, so I have no choice and I have to see her everyday. We used to sit next to eachother, but I told here that that was porbably not a good idea since when she sat next to me I just got upset. And I introduced her to some of my friends and she hangs out with them now, so I don't know if I am going to see her when I go out with my friends, and I really don't want to because seeing her makes me upset. She has told me that she has alot of guy friends and that girls are so hard to be friends with. Can anyone give me advice on what I should do and how I should act. I mean I don't want to be mean or anything by avoiding her, but I get upset when I see her too??? Thanks!!!

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I know the thing about pushing her away, but don't you think its better to have hert close to you than away?... If you could try not to mention your feelings for her, and instead try to be there for her, then she would maybe feel the same way at some point.... I don't know but pushing her away allows other people to like her and such... I'm just trying to make it much more clearer to you that you have to see her each day, then why not be friends instead of enemies, no matter how hard it even may sound.

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